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Non-Woven Filter Media
Meltblown Fabric

Precambrian has a daily production capacity of 1.3 – 1.6 metric tonnes to meet Canada’s continued demand for PPE.


We are able to tune the fabric’s particulate filtration efficiency (PFE) and breathability to meet the specific needs of our customer’s applications, including fabric weights and roll sizing.


Our commitment is to providing quality meltblown fabric with true, consistent and reliable PFE, BFE and PA numbers. 

  • Able to meet high volume orders

  • Standard and custom roll widths and diameters

  • Consistent PFE ranging from 95% - 98+%

  • Consistent BFE of 99%

  • Maximum breathability

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HighFLOW N95 Respirator

The HighFLOW Respirator was specifically designed for superior  performance for medical, dental, industrial, agricultural and aviation professionals.

• Ultra lightweight construction

• Maximum airflow to reduce overheating

• Filters both inhalation and exhalation airflow

• Adjustable to provide an airtight seal

• 95% particulate filter performance (0.3 microns)

• Flow rate >85L/min (maximum breathability)

• Maximum comfort for extended wear

• Allows for clear verbal communication

• Replaceable/quick-change filter cartridge

• Protective filter housing

• Latex free

Please contact us regarding wholesale pricing, high volume discounts, customized branding, and our replacement filter subscription program. 

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