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Oil Absorbent Product

Oil Bench Mat(18”x30”): The mat offers the perfect solution for keeping your work area clean and free from oil spills and drips. Its durable construction provides a reliable surface for placing tools and equipment, ensuring maximum productivity without worrying about oil contamination.

Oil Absorbent Pads(16”x18”): The pad engineered to deliver superior absorption capabilities, capable of absorbing up to 20 times their weight in oil and other hydrocarbon-based liquids. Whether you’re dealing with small spills or large-scale leaks, these pads provide rapid and thorough absorption, helping to contain the mess and prevent environmental damage.

Master Roll (16’x150’, 28”x300’): as a cost-effective and practical solution, you have the freedom to cut as much or as little as required, providing you with complete control over your absorption requirements. This economical choice ensures maximum value for your investment, allowing you to tailor the size and shape of each pad to suit the specific demands of your workplace or environment. Whether you’re dealing with small drips or large spills, the Master Roll offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

Oil Socks(3’x4’): The socks come in a variety of sizes to suit your specific needs for situations that require targeted containment and control. Whether you’re working in tight spaces or large industrial settings, these versatile socks provide a flexible and effective solution for containing oil spills and leaks, preventing them from spreading and causing further damage.

Whether you’re working in manufacturing plants, marine environments, automotive workshops, or household settings, our oil absorbent products offer reliable performance, versatility, and convenience. With their high absorbency, durability, and affordability, you can trust our products to deliver exceptional results, every time. Choose our oil absorbent solutions and experience the difference in cleanliness, safety, and environmental responsibility.



Type: Non-Woven Fabric / Meltblown Cloth
Base Risen: Polypropylene
Manufacturing Location: Newmarket, Ontario Canada

Non-Woven Filter Media Meltblown Fabric

Precambrian has a high daily production capacity to meet Canada’s continued demand for PPE and industrial applications. We are able to tune the fabric’s particulate filtration efficiency (PFE) and breathability to meet the specific needs of our customer’s applications, including fabric weights and roll sizing.

Our commitment is to providing quality Meltblown fabric with true, consistent and reliable PFE, BFE and PA numbers.

  • Able to meet high volume orders
  • Standard and custom roll widths and diameters
  • Consistent PFE ranging from 95% – 99+%
  • Consistent BFE of 99%
  • Maximum breathability


Type: Non-Woven Fabric / Meltblown Cloth
Base Risen: Polypropylene
Standard Roll Width: 175mm – 280mm
Fabric Weight: 25 – 35gsm
PFE Grade: Level -1 (95%+)  Level – 2 (98%+)Level – 3 (99%+)
Manufacturing Location: Newmarket, Ontario Canada

HVAC Filter Media

At Precambrian, we maintain a robust production capacity to satisfy Canada’s increasing requirements for HVAC filter media tailored to both residential and industrial applications. We have the capability to fine-tune the filter media’s particulate filtration efficiency (PFE), dust holding capacity (DHC) and airflow resistance to cater to our customer’s specific needs, including custom weights and roll sizes.

Our pledge is to deliver high-quality HVAC filter media, demonstrating consistent, reliable and authentic PFE, DHC and MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) ratings.

We are prepared to fulfill large-volume orders
Standard and custom roll widths and diameters are available

  • Guaranteed MERV rating of 8 – 13
  • Consistent DHC for enhanced filter lifespan
  • Optimized airflow resistance for maximum energy efficiency and comfort.

High Loft Thermal and Acoustic media

In the production line, Precambrian upholds a substantial production capability to accommodate Canada’s surging demand for high loft thermal and acoustic media. This innovative solution is adept for a broad spectrum of applications, from residential to commercial and industrial settings. We possess the expertise to customize the media’s thermal resistance (R-value) and sound absorption coefficient (NRC) to address our customer’s unique requirements, including custom weights and roll sizes.

Our promise is to supply premium quality thermal and acoustic media with authentic, consistent, and trustworthy R-value, NRC and fire safety ratings.

Key features of our offerings include:

  • Capability to handle large volume orders
  • Offering standard and custom roll widths and diameters
  • Consistent R-value ensuring optimum thermal insulation
  • High NRC ensuring superior acoustic comfort
  • Compliance with stringent fire safety standards.

Fluid Filteration

We supply various industries with application-specific solutions, including water purification, food & beverage, and pharmaceutical. We are proficient in customizing the media’s particulate filtration efficiency (PFE), dirt holding capacity (DHC), and fluid compatibility to match the distinct needs of our customers, including personalized weights and roll dimensions.

Our commitment is to deliver superior quality fluid filtration media, showcasing consistent, reliable and verified filtration performance.

Our offerings are characterized by the following:

  • Ability to fulfill high-volume orders
  • Provision for standard and custom core diameters
  • customer-specific gradient filters to increase the range of particles captured
  • Compatibility with a broad spectrum of fluids, ensuring versatility in applications.